Handmade Kilim Patchwork Round Rug 12-72

Code: 12-72-981-140*140-90

Diameter Size: 140cm

Material: Handmade Kilim


This product is made of handmade kilim and Kilim made of wool woven onto cotton. The pieces of different kilim are patched together. The goods is covered with lining that sewed behind it.  All of the working process is done by human resources by hand. Each kilims has its own unique design, symbolic motifs, colour and size. The kilim rugs are designed by the artist who weaves them, and every town had its own distinct weaving style. Weavers are made without following any written pattern and use their own instinctual expression as they incorporate different traditional motifs rather them is guided by her imagination.


Kilim rugs are suitable for collectors of unique and antique pieces wishing to transform their home by giving it a graceful and cultured feel.